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About MedMatch360

Who Is MedMatch360?

After years of healthcare and recruitment experiences, MedMatch360 was created to assist in solving for some of the frustrations that were consistent with the "normal" recruitment experience.  Providers continue to receive unwanted texts, calls, and emails.  Recruiters spend significant funds on job postings, conferences, and other methods to market their position to as many providers as possible.

MedMatch360 solves key frustrations within provider recruitment: overcommunication, hard to use platforms, and the constant uncertainty that a candidate has real interest in the position. MedMatch360 solves these issues by providing a safe, secure, and easy to use app that eliminates tedious daily emails, phone calls, and texts by allowing providers to choose who they connect with and matching recruiters only to applicants who already have expressed interest. MedMatch360’s algorithm assists both the recruiter and provider in quickly identifying their top needs to find the best fit for the provider and organization.

Recruiters will find MedMatch360 to be a low cost and engaging alternative to common recruitment job boards. At MedMatch360 our emphasis is on providing the most innovative healthcare recruitment experience with a mission of cultivating transparency, efficiency and relationship building across the job placement process. MedMatch360 accomplishes this by allowing both the provider and recruiter to create a profile that is accurate and represents what they are seeking in a position or looking for in a candidate.  

Once the account is established, the provider will automatically see positions within their specialty. Positions will be shown to the provider in order of their chosen priority. Medmatch360 will generate positions with the highest percentage of compatibility to lowest percentage of compatibility. 

The provider and recruiter have multiple user-friendly ways they can express interest in each other: by swiping right, giving a thumbs up or by going to a “list view” and identifying that they like the position.  If the recruiter expresses interest in the provider’s profile this will elicit a match. After a match is formed, both the recruiter and the provider will then have access to contact information and the ability to chat with one another. Until this point, all contact information (including name) is hidden from recruiters.  The process from the recruitment side is similar with the differential experience coming from the positing of the position.  Among MedMatch360’s focus is to be a recruitment leader as it relates to cost.  When posting a position, the recruiter will find that MedMatch360 offers several different pricing options, each less expensive than your average job boards and other recruitment methods.

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